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Cajón del MaipoOur lodge “El Morado” is located in Lo Valdes, in the upper Maipo Valley, surrounded by an impressive mountain panorama. The beautiful valley “Cajón de Maipo” is one of the most popular excursion areas for Santiago residents. It belongs to the municipality San José de Maipo, adjacent to the Municipality Puente Alto. In order to get to Maipo Valley, start in Las Vizcachas at about 780m altitude. After passing through some small villages and about 25 km away, you reach the regional capital San José de Maipo, a charming little town, where you still feel the colonial atmosphere. The administration, economy and trade of this municipal district of about 5000 km² are concentrated here.

San José de Maipo lies 1,010 m high. From here, several historic border crossings to Argentina can be reached, among others Las Pircas, Piuquenes, Nieves Negras, Alvarado and Cruz de Piedra Sur. However, currently only the border posts Piuquenes and Cruz de Piedra are oficially operated. Piuquenes is located near the hot springs Termas del Plomo and is temporarily open. Cruz de Piedra is located not far from the volcano Maipo, the access to this border crossing is limited.

From San José de Maipo you get further into the Maipo Valley by taking route G-25, which noticeably gains height. After each bend, the impressive and colorful mountains get closer. Volcanic and tectonic activity as well as glacial and water have shaped the relatively young mountains in Cajón de Maipo. A mountain range of over 20 peaks of more than 5,000 m altitude build the east boundary of the municipality. Some of them are: volcano Tupungato (6,570 m) and Maipo (5,290 m) and the active volcanoes Tupungatito (5,600 m) and San Jose (5,856 m). The rivers Volcán and Yeso flow down the valley and in San Gabriel they merge forming the Río Maipo. After 75 km on a paved road, you will reach the little village Lo Valdés. Our Lodge “El Morado” is located at the entrance of the village on the right.

UBICACIÓN COMUNA CAJON DEL MAIPOIn the meantime, a network of trails and trekking paths lead to the rugged high mountain world of the Andes. They represent a mountaineering challenge for climbers. The most important peaks are Marmolejo (6,108m), Cerro Arenas (4,366m) and Volcán San José (5,856m). The National Monument “El Morado”, where the glaciar San Francisco is located, is a must for those who prefer trekking.

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